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Electrochemistry and Analytical Chemistry - ELAN

Research interests : 

Our research focuses mainly on the reactivity at solid/solution and in liquid/liquid interfaces as well as on sol-gel electrosynthesis and surface functionalization methods for environmental and materials chemistry applications. Our activities meet at the border between electrochemistry, analytical chemistry and materials science involving silica-based mesoporous and/or (bio)hybrid substrates. Our research is also highly dependent on the development of customized methods or unusual approaches (e.g. localized electrochemical analysis, shear force scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM), electrospinning, high frequency impedance (MHz), electrochemistry between two immiscible electrolyte solutions.

Our research interests are structured as follows:

# Nanostructured and functionalised electrodes :
- Electrogeneration of mesostructured silica films with oriented porosity,
- Functionalization of mesoporous oriented films,
- Electrogeneration of sol-gel deposits at liquid/liquid interfaces.

# Sol-gel bioentrapping and bioelectrocatalytic reactors:

- Sol-gel bioentrapping of redox proteins and bioelectrocatalysis
- Porous carbon and functionalized carbon nanotubes
- Elaboration and application of living bioelectrocatalytic materials.

# Functionalization at the local scale, and reactivity of nano-objects and nanomaterials:

- Sol-gel electrodeposition on ultramicroelectrodes and by SECM
- Colloidal reactivity
- Nanomaterials for redox flow batteries

># Development of electrochemical methods:

- SECM (coupling to Confocal Raman Microscopy, gel probes)
- High frequency impedance for calcium phosphate cements

These activities rely on our core skills in electrochemistry and analytical chemistry. Recent activities in the coupling of methods (electrochemistry and spectroscopy) and numerous international and national collaborations have contributed to enlarge our set of skills....

Mots clés : electroanalysis, modified, porous and/or transparent electrodes, nanostructured and functionalized surfaces, inorganic-organic hybrids, sol-gel materials, organized and/or functionalized oriented mesoporous silica, colloids, bioelectrocatalysis, artificial electroactive biofilms, transfer at liquid/liquid interfaces, scanning electrochemical microscopy, redox-flow batteries, high frequency impedance.

Team’s coordinator
: Alain Walcarius,
Senior Researcher

Composition of the team :

Permanent staff :    
Christelle DESPAS (Lecturer)
Mathieu ETIENNE (
Claire GENOIS (Technician)

Grégoire HERZOG (Researcher)

Marc HEBRANT (Professor)
Liang LIU (Researcher)

Michel PERDICAKIS (Research Engineer CNRS)
Guillaume SAUTREY (Lecturer)
Neus VILA (Lecturer)
Senior Researcher)

Non-Permanent staff :

Houa Franck S. AHOULOU0,5 (PhD)
Deomila BASNIG (PhD)
Martha COLLINS (PhD)
Ning DANG (PhD)
Christelle GHAZALY (PhD)
Maizatul Najwa B. JAJULI0,5(PhD)
Thi Xuan Huong LE (Post-Doc)


Guofeng LU (PhD)
Tauquir NASIR (PhD)
Wahid ULLAH (PhD)
José VIVO-VILCHES (Post-Doc)
Jianren WANG (PhD)