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Publications internationales 2019 suite

par Tercier Marie - 28 février

Publications internationales à comité de lecture - ACL International peer-reviewed publications

31 - GHAZALY C., HEBRANT M., LANGLOIS E., CASTEL B., GUILLEMOT M., ETIENNE M., Real-time ozone sensor based on selective oxidation of Methylene Blue in mesoporous silica films, Sensors, 2019, 19, 3508.

32 - FAUVEL B., CAUCHIE H-M, GANTZER C., OGORZALY L. (2019) Influence of physico-chemical characteristics of sediment on the in situ spatial distribution of F-specific RNA phages in the riverbed, FEMS Microbiology Ecology 2019, 95 (2) fiy240.
33 - FENAUX H., CHASSAING M., BERGER S, GANTZER C., BERTRAND I., SCHVOERER E.,Transmission of hepatitis E virus by water : an issue still pending in the industrialized countries, Review. Water research, 2019, 151, 144-157.

34 - HARTARD C., GANTZER C., BRONOWICKI J-P, SCHVOERER E., Emerging hepatitis E virus compared with hepatitis A virus : A new sanitary challenge, Reviews in Medical Virology. 2019.

35 - JEULIN H., JEANMAIRE E., MURRAY J.M., MALVE B., ANDRÉ M., MELLIEZ H., LANOIX J.P., HUSTACHE-MATHIEU L., PARTISANI M., GOEHRINGER F., MAY T., SCHVOERER E., Treatment as prevention enrolling at least 75% of individuals on ART will be needed to significantly reduce HIV prevalence in a HIV cohort, J. Clin Virol, 2019, 27-32.

36 - MARCELIN A.G., GRUDE M., CHARPENTIER C., BELLECAVE P., LE GUEN L., PALLIER C., RAYMOND S., MIRAND A., BOCKET L., FOFANA D.B., DELAUGERRE C., NGUYEN T., MONTÈS B., JEULIN H., MOUREZ T., FAFI-KREMER S., AMIEL C., ROUSSEL C., DINA J., TRABAUD M.A., LE GUILLOU-GUILLEMETTE H., VALLET S., SIGNORI-SCHMUCK A., MAILLARD A., FERRE V., DESCAMPS D., CALVEZ V., FLANDRE P., Resistance to integrase inhibitors : a national study in HIV-1-infected treatment-naive and -experienced patients, J Antimicrob Chemother, 2019, 74, 1368-1375.

37 - AL-JABERI M., MALLET M., GREENWELL C., ABDELMOULA M., RUBY C., Using Ca-Fe layred double hydroxide transformation to optimize phosphate removal from waste waters, Applied Clay Science, 2019, 182, 105281.

38 - BLIN J.‐L., RIACHY P., CARTERET C., LEBEAU B. Thermal and Hydrothermal Stability of Hierarchical Porous Silica Materials, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2019, 27, 3194-3202.

39 - ENEYTON A., FILIPOV L.O., RENARD A., MALLET M., MENAD N.-E., Advances in carboxylate collectors adsorption on monazite surface : Part 1 – Assessment of the hydroxylation and carbonation of surface lanthanide ions, Applied catalysis A : General, 2019, 97-106.

40 - BEAUSSART A., EL-KIRAT-CHATEL S., Microbial adhesion and ultrastructure from the single-molecule to the single-cell levels by AFM, The Cell Surface, 2019, 5, 1-10.

41 - GOMAND F., BORGES F., GUERIN J., EL-KIRAT-CHATEL S., FRANCIUS G., DUMAS D., BURGAIN J., GAIANI C., Adhesive interactions between lactic acid bacteria and β-lactoglobulin : specificity and impact on bacterial location in whey protein isolate. Frontiers in Microbiology, 2019, 10, 1512.

42 - MENARD M., MEYER F., PARKHOMENKO K., LEUVREY C., FRANCIUS G., BEGIN-COLIN S., MERTZ D., Mesoporous silica templated-albumin nanoparticles with high doxorubicin payload for drug delivery assessed with a 3-D tumor cell model, Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-General Subjects 2019, 1863, 332-341.

43 - YADAV M., GANESAN V., MAITI B., GUPTA R., SONKAR P.-K., YADAV D.-K., WALCARIUS A., Sensitive determination of acetaminophen in the presence of dopamine and pyridoxine facilitated by their extent of interaction with single walled carbon nanotubes, Electroanalysis, 2019, 31, 2472-2479.
44 - LAVIALE M., BEAUSSART A., ALLEN J., QUILÈS F., EL-KIRAT-CHATEL S., Probing the adhesion of the common freshwater diatom Nitzschia palea at the nanoscale. ACS Appl. Mater and Interfaces, 2019, 11, 48574−48582.

45 - FERJAOUI Z., JAMAL AL DINE E., JANDAYEVA A., BOLOTINE L., CHANG C. S., SCHNEIDER R., MUTELET F., MERTZ D, QUILÈS F., BEGIN-COLIN S., GAFFET E., ALEM H., Doxorubicin loaded thermo-responsive superparamagnetic nanocarriers for controlled drug delivery and magnetic hyperthermia applications, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2019, 11, 34, 30610-30620.

46 - AHOULOU S., VILÀ N., PILLET S., SCHANIEL D., WALCARIUS A., Non-covalent immobilization of iron-triazole (Fe(HTrz)3) molecular mediator in mesoporous silica films for the electrochemical detection of hydrogen peroxide. Electroanalysis 2019, DOI : 10.1002/elan.201900444.

47 - ROBIN M., CHASSAING M., LOUTREUL J., DE ROUGEMONT A., BELLIOT G., MAJOU D., GANTZER C., BOUDAUD N., Effect of heat treatments and natural ageing on GII.4 Norovirus binding to Histo-Blood Group Antigens. Scientific, 2019 ; 9 : 15312.