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Publications internationales 2018

par Tercier Marie - 25 janvier 2018

Publications internationales à comité de lecture - ACL International peer-reviewed publications

1 - SAUTREY G., BRIÉ A., GANTZER C., WALCARIUS A., MS2 and Qβ bacteriophages reveal the contribution of surface hydrophobicity on the mobility of non-enveloped icosahedral viruses in SDS-based capillary zone electrophoresis, Electrophoresis, 2018, 39, 377-385.

2 - KUNSTMANA P., COULON J., KOLMYKOV O., MOUSSA H., BALAN L., MEDJAHDI G., LULEK J., SCHNEIDER R., One step synthesis of bright luminescent core/shell CdTexS1−x/ZnS quantum dots emitting from the visible to the near infrared, Journal of Luminescence, 2018, 194, 760-767.

3 - NASIR T., HERZOG G., LIU L., HÉBRANT M., DESPAS C., WALCARIUS A., Mesoporous silica thin films for improved electrochemical detection of paraquat, ACS Sensors, 2018, 3, 484-493.

4 - USMAN M., BYRNE J., CHAUDHARY A., ORSETTI S., HANNA K., RUBY C., KAPPLER A., HADERLEIN S., Magnetite and green rust : synthesis, properties and environmental applications of mixed-valent iron minerals, Chem. Rev. 2018, 118, 3251−3304.

5 - DANHEL A., LIGMAJER F., ŠIKOLA T., WALCARIUS A., FOJTA M., Electrodeposition of silver amalgam particles on ITO – towards novel electrode material, J. Electroanal. Chem., 2018, 821, 53-59.

6 - WALCARIUS A., L’essor des films de silice mésoporeuse en électrochimie The rise of mesoporous silica films in electrochemistry, Actualité Chimique, 2018, 430-431, 73-78.

7 - Mierzwa M., Lamouroux E., Walcarius A., Etienne M., Porous and transparent metal-oxide electrodes : Preparation methods and electroanalytical application prospects, Electroanalysis, 2018, 30, 1241-1258.

8 - MIERZWA M., LAMOUROUX E., DURAND P., ETIENNE M., Highly Interconnected Macroporous and Transparent Indium Tin Oxide Electrode, ChemElectroChem, 2018, 5, 397-404.

9 - HAYE E., ANDRE E., CAPON F., BARRAT S., DE LA PIERRE M., DOVESI R., CARTERET C., Experimental and Theoretical Infrared Signatures of REMO 3 (RE = La, Pr, Nd, Sm, and M = Co, Fe) Perovskites. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C
2018, 122, 19, 10519–10525.

10 - FENAUX H., CHASSAING M., BERGER S., JEULIN H., GENTILHOMME A., BENSENANE M., BRONOWICKI J.P., GANTZER C., BERTRAND I., SCHVOERER E, Molecular features of Hepatitis E Virus circulation in environmental and human samples, Journal of Clinical Virology, Elsevier, 2018, 103, 63 – 70.

11 - COLLINS M. , HEBRANT M. , HERZOG G., Ion transfer at polarised liquid-liquid interfaces modified with adsorbed silica
nanoparticles, Electrochimica Acta, Elsevier, 2018, 282, 155-162

12 - BOUMAIZA H., COUSTEL R., DESPAS C., RUBY C., BERGAOUI L., Interaction of ammonium with birnessite : Evidence of a chemical and structural transformation in alkaline aqueous medium, J. Solid State Chem., 2018, 258, 543–550

13 - PANDEY P. C., SINGH S., WALCARIUS A., Palladium-Prussian blue nanoparticles as homogeneous and heterogeneous electrocatalysts, J. Electroanal. Chem., 2018, 823, 747-754

Electrocatalytic biosynthesis using a bucky paper functionalized by [Cp*Rh(bpy)Cl]+ and a renewable enzymatic layer, ChemCatChem, 2018, 10 4067-4073