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Research Director at CNRS (DR1)
Head of the " Analytical Chemistry and Electrochemistry" (ELAN)

Contact :


Main research themes
Reactivity of silica-based organic-inorganic hybrid materials in aqueous media
Functional mesoporous materials in electrochemistry, analytical chemistry, and environment
Electrochemically-assisted generation of functionalized and/or mesostructured sol-gel films
Development of bioelectrocatalytic reactors of novel generation based on nanomaterials

Educational background and career
1994 : PhD level in Sciences (Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix, Namur, Belgique)
1995 : Post-doctoral fellow (New Mexico State University, USA, Pr. J. Wang)
1996 : Post-doctoral fellow, then Research Associate to CNRS at LCPME
2000 : Habilitation for managing Research (University Henri Poincaré, Nancy I)
2001 : Head of the « Analytical Chemistry and Electrochemistry » (ELAN) group at LCPME
2004 : Research Director at CNRS (DR2, LCPME; DR1 in 2011)
2005-2010 : Deputy Director of LCPME
2011-2020 : Director of LCPME

Fields of expertise
Electroanalytical chemistry and sensors – Electrogeneration of sol-gel-derived materials
Analytical investigation of solid/liquid interfaces (mass transport and charge transfert)Chemistry and physical chemistry with silica-based, porous and functionalized materials

Student supervison
- 26 PhD students (23 graduated)
- 7 Bachelor final year projects (Belgium) and 8 Master theses (France) + 20 interns

Present responsibilities
“Chargé de Mission” (officer) at the CNRS Direction (Chemistry Institute).
Member of the director’s board of the Institut Jean Barriol (FR2843)
Member of the “Chimie et Physique Moléculaires” council of the Université de Lorraine
Member of graduate school “SESAMES” of the Université de Lorraine
Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Electroanalysis (Wiley) and Sensors & Actuators B (Elsevier)
Member of the scientific committee of national and international conferences (20 int. + 6 nat.)
Expert for a number of national funding agencies (France, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic)

June 1999 : Award for Analytical Electrochemistry (Radiometer & Electrochemistry group & SFC)
January 2001 : Award from the Analytical Chemistry Division of the French Society of Chemistry
September 2007 : Tajima Prize 2006 of ISE (International Society of Electrochemistry)
November 2013 : Doctor Honoris Causa from University of Medicine and Pharmacy (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
October 2015 : Senior Researcher Award, Physical Chemistry Division of the French Society of Chemistry
August 2016 : Fellow of the International Society of Electrochemistry
October 2019 : Prix Langevin of the French Academy of Sciences


Publications (≈ 315)
- Peer-reviewed international papers : 275 (>11 800 citations, H = 56)
- Book chapters: 12 + 1 book(Electroanalysis with Carbon Paste Electrodes)
- Proceedings : 23
- Patents: 3
5 significant publications
«Electrochemically-assisted self assembly of mesoporous silica thin films», A. Walcarius, E. Sibottier, M. Etienne and J. Ghanbaja, Nature Materials, 6 (2007) 602-608
«Mesoporous materials and electrochemistry», A. Walcarius, Chemical Society Reviews, 42 (2013) 4098-4140
«Electrochemically assisted generation of highly ordered azide-functionalized mesoporous silica for oriented hybrid film», N. Vilà, J. Ghanbaja, E. Aubert and A. Walcarius,  Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 53 (2014) 2945-2950
«Molecular sieving with vertically-aligned mesoporous silica films and electronic wiring through isolating nanochannels», N. Vilà, E. André, R. Ciganda, J. Ruiz, D. Astruc and A. Walcarius, Chemistry of Materials, 28 (2016) 2511-2514
«Coordination polymers as template for mesoporous silica films: a novel composite material Fe(Htrz)3@SiO2 with remarkable electrochemical properties», S. Ahoulou, N. Vilà, S. Pillet, D. Schaniel and A. Walcarius, Chemistry of Materials, 31 (2019) 5796-5807



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