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QUILES Fabienne

Researcher - CNRS
Contact :

Current research

In situ study of the bio-physical chemistry and the dynamic of young biofilms during the initial steps of their formation by vibrational spectroscopies (IR-ATR and Raman) and force spectroscopy of AFM. Evolution of these biofilms when they are submitted to environmental stresses.

Research experience

2012 : Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR), University of Lorraine;
1995- : Researcher CNRS (LCPME, Institut de Chimie, Section 13);
1994-1995 : Teacher at the University (Laboratoire d’Etude des Solutions Organiques et Colloïdales), University of Lorraine;
1994 : PhD in Molecular Chemistry and Physical Molecular Chemistry (Laboratoire d’Etude des Solutions Organiques et Colloïdales), University of Lorraine;
1991 : DEA in Molecular Chemistry and Physical Molecular Chemistry, University of Lorraine;
1990 : Master in Physical Chemistry, University of Lorraine;
1989 : Licence in Physical Chemistry, University of Lorraine;
1988 : DEUG in Sciences of Nature and Life (Option Chemistry), University of Lorraine;

Competences & expertise

In situ study of the formation of biofilms by infrared spectroscopy in Attenuated Total Reflexion (ATR) mode.
Study of micro-organisms in hydrated media by infrared end Raman spectrometries.
Application of chemometric methods to vibrational spectroscopies.
Spectroscopic studies, infrared and Raman, of diluted aqueous solutions. Study of the structure of complexes made with organic (macro)molecules and metallic cations. Interactions carboxylate ligand/metallic cation in aqueous solution and at the aqueous solution / mineral surface.

Administrative responsabilities

Formation Correspondent for LCPME with CNRS Regional Office (from 1998) in collaboration with Mrs Marie Tercier (secretary).
Member of Special Committee of Hygiene and Security of LCPME (from 2005)


Significant publications

«Vibrational study of the complexation of mercury (II) by substituted acetates in aqueous solutions», F. Quilès, A. Burneau and N. Gross, Applied Spectroscopy, 53 (1999), 1061-1070.
«Infrared and Raman spectroscopic study of carboxylic acids in heavy water», F. Génin, F. Quilès and A. Burneau, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 3 (2001) 932-942.
«Fluorescence and infrared spectrometric study of cell walls from Candida, Kluyveromyces, Rhodotorula and Schizosaccharomyces yeasts in relation with their chemical composition», K. Bahmed, F. Quilès, R. Bonaly and J. Coulon, Biomacromolecules, 4 (2003), 1763-1772.
«In situ characterisation of microorganism surface by Raman microspectroscopy: the shell of Ascaris eggs», F. Quilès, J.-Y. Balandier and S. Capizzi-Banas, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 386 (2006) 249-255.
«In situ monitoring of nascent Pseudomonas fluorescens biofilm response to variations in dissolved organic carbon level in low nutritive water by ATR-FTIR spectroscopy», A. Delille, F. Quilès and F. Humbert, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 73 (2007), 5782-5788.
«Analysis of changes in attenuated total reflection FTIR fingerprints of Pseudomonas fluorescens from planktonic state to nascent biofilm state», F. Quilès, F. Humbert and A. Delille, Spectrochimica Acta A, 75A (2010) 844-856.
«Hydrolysis of uranyl(VI) in acidic and basic aqueous solutions using a non complexing organic base: a multivariate spectroscopic study», F. Quilès, C. Nguyen-Trung, C. Carteret and B. Humbert, Inorganic Chemistry, 50 (2011), 2811-2823.
«Production of extracellular glycogen by Pseudomonas fluorescens: spectroscopic evidence and conformational analysis by biomolecular recognition», F. Quilès, P. Polyakov, F. Humbert and G. Francius, Biomacromolecules, 13 (2012) 2118-2127.
«On the production of glycogen by Pseudomonas fluorescens during biofilm development: an in situ study by Attenuated Total Reflection-infrared with chemometrics», F. Quilès and F. Humbert, Biofouling, 30 (2014), 709-718.
«In situ analysis of bacterial EPS from a Pseudomonas fluorescens biofilm by combined vibrational and force spectroscopies», A. Fahs, F. Quilès, D. Jamal, F. Humbert and G. Francius, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 118 (2014) 6702-6713.