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Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

Local Contact : Grégory Francius, Researcher & Sofiane El Kirat Chatel, Researcher

Equipments :

    AFM Asylum (Oxford instruments) : MFP3D-Bio
    Closed fluid cell
    Environmental controller

    Optic Inverted Microscope Olympus IX71
    3 objectives LUCPlanFL N (x4, x20 and x60)
    Laser Olympus TH4-200
    Cantilevers Bruker modèles : MSCT-AUNM, RTESP7 


AFM Bruker Bioscope Resolve mounted on a Leica DMi8 inverted optical microscope.
Analysis of samples (organic, inorganic, cells, ...) in air, in organic solvent (hexane, isopropanol, octadecene, octylether etc) or in liquid with temperature control.
    - Imaging/Topography of surfaces (resolution: nm).
    - Force spectroscopy (resolution: pN) and mapping of mechanical and adhesive properties (single-molecule and single-cell force spectroscopy).
    - PFT-QNM (peak force tapping - quantitative nanomechanical mapping): simultaneous mapping of mechanical properties and topography.
    Correlative analysis:
    - Inverted microscope DMi8 Leica for optical and fluorescence analysis (Obj. 20x, 40x, 63x).
    - Raman micro-spectroscopy (on-going)

Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM)

Local Contact : Mathieu ETIENNE, Researcher & Michel PERDICAKIS, Research Engineer
Equipments :

    Electrodes : platinum (25 µm-100 nm), gold (25 µm), carbon (7 µm), pH electrode based on iridium oxide, potentiometric electrodes based on liquid membranes.
    Positioning of the electrode : motors
    (25 mm, resolution of 1 µm) and piezoélectric elements (100 µm, resolution of 1 nm)
    Electrochemical measurements : potentiostats or bipotentiostats PalmSens, Bio-logic and Metrohm-Autolab) or potentiometric (e.g. for pH evaluation ; Keithley high impedance potentiometer).
    Electrode position monitoring by electrochemistry and detection of shear forces.

  microscopie électrochimique